Mid American Universities International (MAUI) is a consortium of 18 universities within the United States. These universities work together to enhance international education opportunities by creating student, faculty, and staff mobility, collaborate on recruitment efforts, and more. 

Why Study in the Central United States?

When students think about studying in the United States, New York or Los Angeles are usually the first places that spring to mind. But there are many reasons not to pass up the "flyover" states, such as: Quality Education, Affordability, History, and Beauty. 

Member Universities 

To see the list of active, state-of-the-art universities within MAUI & Utrecht, click below. 

“From the moment I arrived in Antwerp, Belgium and attended orientation at the University of Antwerp, I was introduced to the network of international students...   They told us that the bonds we would form with the other people at that orientation would likely be some of the strongest connections we ever make in our life, and they could not have been more right. ”


-Kelsey, University of Missouri-St. Louis


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