The Partnership

The MAUI-UTRECHT NETWORK Exchange Program enables students from member universities to study at one of the other member institutions for a semester or academic year. Each student pays tuition to his or her home university and takes regular classes at the partner institution.


The Members

The participating U.S. universities are members of an organization called MAUI (Mid-America Universities International). The universities in MAUI work together to actively promote overseas educational opportunities for students and international teaching, consultation and research opportunities for faculty.

The participating European partners are members of the Utrecht Network, a group of universities cooperating in the area of internationalization. For more information on the activities of the Utrecht Network in Europe, visit their website HERE.



The MAUI network was formed as a consortium in 1975 and existed under various names until it became MAUI in 1995. The membership of the MAUI International Council consists primarily of the chief international education administrators of the Big XII Conference and affiliated universities. 
The most notable accomplishment resulting from a FIPSE grant is the MAUI-UTRECHT network which promotes the scholarly exchange of students and faculty between the U.S. and Europe.



  • MAUI has been awarded numerous grants from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE).

  • MAUI actively promotes education abroad opportunities for students and international teaching, consultation, and research opportunities for faculty.

  • Other activities included the sponsorship of a series of international mini-conferences, distinguished scholars program, and scholarships.