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Important Dates

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View areas of study open to undergraduate exchange students

Students are able to take courses across all departments. Explosives Engineering requires prior approval. A complete list of courses is available online at: Science & Computing: Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Geology & Geophysics, Information Science & Technology, Physics Business & Social Sciences: Business & Management Systems, Economics, Psychology Arts & Humanities: English, History, Philosophy, Teacher Certifications, Technical Communication, Multidisciplinary Studies Engineering: Aerospace, Architectural, Ceramic, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Engineering Management, Environmental, Geological, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Nuclear, Petroleum A complete list of undergraduate degree programs is available online at:

View areas of study abroad open to graduate exchange students.

Requests to take graduate classes will be reviewed and decided on a case by case basis. Student must be able to show sufficient knowledge of field of study and meet any prerequisite requirements. Students interested in graduate level classes should submit a request and provide a transcript for evaluation. These will be forwarded to the department of study for review. A complete list of courses is available online at: Engineering: Aerospace, Ceramic, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Nuclear, Petroleum, Systems and Engineering Management. Other programs: Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Technical Communication, Applied & Environmental Biology, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Geology & Geophysics, Information Science & Technology, Mathematics, Physics and Business Administration. A complete list of graduate degree programs is available online at:

Can graduate students take undergraduate level courses?


Can advanced undergraduate students take graduate level courses?

Yes, however prior approval would be required.

View areas of study restricted to prior bilateral agreements between exchange departments or faculties.


View areas of study that are not open to exchange students.

Explosives Engineering unless given prior approval

View website for course offerings.

Required minimum and maximum number of credits available through the exchange.

Undergraduate students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours and can enroll in a maximum of 15 credit hours. Graduate students must enroll in 9 credits hours.

Are summer courses available as exchange (non fee-paying)? If so, what is the website?

Yes. Available courses can be found through the Office of the Registrar's Webpage for Class Offerings.

Do students register for courses in advance or upon arrival?

In advance or upon arrival. This is worked individually with each department.

View course registration deadlines.

The final day to register for classes online for the fall and spring semesters is the Sunday before classes start. Later enrollment may be done in person upon arrival.

Language Requirements

Exchange and study abroad students attending Missouri S&T must have sufficient English skills to participate actively in class work, study, and take exams. Because many of our classes are technical, the student must be able to read, understand, and speak English sufficiently to be successful. To help us understand a student's English skills, some formal indication of English abilities is required. This can be a TOEFL score or another type of exam, description of English studies from the home university, or explanation of student’s language abilities from the home university coordinator. A general guideline is that students should have English skills equal to a 79 on the TOEFL exam. Please send all documents to

Is a language test certificate required? If so, is it required before admission or upon arrival?

Undergraduate exchange students are required to provide some indication of their English abilities. This can be a TOEFL score or another type of exam, description of English studies, or explanation of student’s abilities. A general guideline is that students should have English skills equal to a 79 on the TOEFL exam. Graduate Level students are required to provide a TOEFL score of at least 79 or an IELTS score of 6.0.

Are there preparatory language courses for incoming students? If so, what are the dates and costs?

Please, visit website at Students will need to pay for any preparatory language courses. Students can take English classes in the semester before their exchange or alongside their studies.

Are there any special advising or registration concerns that students should be aware of? Are services available to assist in registration or course selection?

Some courses may not be available if classes are full. Some courses may have a prerequisite. Students can take courses in any department. Registration is done online before the start of classes but special arrangements can be made if online enrollment is not possible or special additional approvals are needed. Academic advisors will work with students for course selection. Students are assigned an academic advisor upon completion of application and formal acceptance into Missouri S&T.

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Student Life

Is housing assistance available? Is it guaranteed? How do students apply?

The study abroad office provides assistance in finding housing. Students will apply directly with Residential Life. Instructions can be found on our Incoming Study Abroad Student's webpage here.

What are the housing options?

A variety of on-campus housing options are available at Missouri S&T. Exchange students are encouraged to live on campus. If a student wishes to live off-campus, they should email for further information on finding housing. A list and information about the living areas available on-campus is available online at

Who should I contact regarding housing options? If student has a question, please contact

Do students apply for housing with their university application or is it seperate? Is there a deadline?

It is separate, but housing interest forms should be submitted as soon as possible. A deposit of $200 must be submitted with housing forms.

What kinds of health facilities are available at the university?

For more information, please visit Student Health Services at

Are internships available?

Research opportunities are possible but student will work directly with their academic advisor to determine options.

Are student jobs available and permissible?

Yes. If a student wishes to work, they are required to work on-campus and are limited to part-time hours (up to 20 hours per week). Instructions for obtaining work authorization is provided upon arrival.

Is there additional information needed?

Students are encouraged to participate in academic and social organizations on campus. A list of these can be found online here. Upon acceptance, exchange students are provided information to participate in a buddy program called 'Miner Mentors'. This is an optional program that pairs international students with returned Missouri S&T study abroad participants to promote intercultural understanding and assist them in acclimating to life in the U.S. and at Missouri S&T! We offer cultural programming and events in the Missouri area. Past events included attending professional baseball games, visiting museums, national landmarks and state parks, cave tours, game nights and more! Email for more information.


Important Dates

View application deadlines for each term.

Fall Semester: April 15
Spring Semester: October 15
Deadlines are flexible. Email for late nominations.

View academic calendar

What is the examination period?

Is there a break between the academic course calendar and exams? Can arrangements be made so the student may take exams early?


Are orientation sessions for incoming students mandatory? What are the dates and costs?

International Student Orientation for each semester is typically the Tuesday before the start of classes but specific dates and scheduling can be found online here. It is highly recommended that exchange students attend. There is also a Welcome Event each semester the week before classes start. There is no cost for these events.

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Housing costs

$2700 - $4480 per semester, depending on the housing option picked and allotted. Please visit the Residential Hall's Rate page for more information. Students under the age of 21 are require to live on campus. All other students are encouraged to but not required. You may contact for information on off-campus living.

Meal costs

Students living on campus will pay $1800 - $3600 per semester, depending on the selection or requirement. Please visit the Residential Life Meal Plan page here for more information. Students living off campus can utilize local grocery stores to make meals at their residence or go out to any of the restaurants, cafes, or food vendors on campus. This allows more flexibility in a student's budget.

Cost of books and course materials

Varies, typically $100-$400

Local transportation cost

Charter bus for $20-$100 can be used to get anywhere in the U.S. Students may be able to rent a vehicle if they meet the requirements. Ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft can be utilized for local travel. Misosuri S&T provides a weekly shuttle that runs from campus to anywhere in Rolla for no additional fee. Exchange students are encouraged to utilize this service.

Health insurance

Updated rates for the mandatory health insurance can be found online here. Exchange students are charged for insurance to their student account. Spring students are not required to pay for spring and summer and are charged the same rate as fall students.

Other costs?

Tuberculosis test: $50 one-time fee International Student fee per semester: $80

Is comparable health insurance coverage from abroad allowed?