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Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364 by King Kazimierz the Great; it is Poland’s oldest university and one of the oldest in Central Europe. The university offers Polish language, civilization and culture classes. Students can also take up to two classes per semester with Polish students that are taught in English in American studies, business and communications, European studies, psychology, sociology and more. Whether students choose to focus on Polish studies or take classes in other disciplines, living and studying in Kraków provides an incredible education.

Kraków is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Situated on the Vistula River, the city dates back to the 7th century. Kraków has traditionally been one of the leading centers of Polish academic, cultural, and artistic life, and is one of Poland's most important economic hubs. This former capital of Poland has always been famous for its beauty, charm, and culture. With a student population of 150,000, the city has a youthful and energetic vibe. Young and old people alike stroll through the main market square throughout the day and evening. Kraków is unique in its beauty; unlike most Polish cities, Kraków’s structures survived WWII virtually undamaged. UNESCO has since included the city on its list of World Heritage Sites. St. Mary’s Church, with its dark blue ceiling lined with stars, and the Wawel Castle are two of the city’s most significant historical treasures. This lively and beautiful city is easily navigable either on foot or using the tram system.

Number of MAUI/AEN students you can accept during 2014/2015 4 semesters
Contact person for incoming students

Krzysztof Byrski
phone: +48-12-663 1546
Fax: +48-12-663 1545

Contact person for outgoing students

Ewelina Ciaputa
phone: +48 12 663 10 04
fax: +48-12-663 1545

General University Website
International Office/Website for Incoming Students
Areas of study open to undergraduate exchange students Polish Studies, International Relations, Area Studies, History, Sociology, Geography, Humanities
Open undergraduate areas of study taught in English
Art History
Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Criminology and Criminal Justice
East Asian Studies
Film Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Relations
Media Studies
Political Science
Social Work

Are graduate areas open for exchange? Yes
Areas of study open to graduate exchange students Polish Studies, International Relations, Area Studies, History, Sociology, Geography, Humanities
Open graduate areas of study taught in English Polish Studies, International Relations, Area Studies, History, Sociology, Geography, Humanities
Can advanced undergraduate exchange students take graduate level courses? No
Can graduate students take undergraduate level courses? Yes
Areas of study restricted to prior bilateral agreements between exchange departments or faculties Medicine, European Studies, Public Health, Law
Areas of study not available to MAUI/AEN students -
Websites for course offerings Detailed information about courses in English taught within the above mentioned study programmes are available at
Detailed information about courses taught in Polish within the above mentioned study programmes are available on UsosWeb (
Are summer courses available as exchange (non fee-paying)? No
Orientation session(s) for incoming students First week of each semester
Academic Calendar Autumn semester: October 2nd – January 21st
Spring semester: February 23rd – June 15th
Examination period(s) Autumn semester: January 28th - February 22nd
Spring semester: June 16th - June 28th
If there is a break between the academic course calendar and exams, can arrangements be made so the student may take exams early? Yes; individual arrangements with teachers
Application deadline for each term 30th May 2014 for autumn semester and 30th November 2014 for spring semester
Application website Paper only
Application form at
How does the application and admissions process differ for undergraduates versus graduates? It does not differ
Course registration deadline Beginning of each semester (registration lasts approx. 2 weeks)
Do students register for classes in advance or upon arrival? Upon Arrival
Are prior arrangements needed to secure a visa before arrival in country? No
Language Requirements Polish or English (Language proficiency form)
Language test certificate required? No
Preparatory language course for incoming students? Yes;
Are there any special advising or registrations concerns that students should be aware of? Are services available to assist in registration or course selection? Yes - contact International Students Office
Required minimum and maximum number of credits available through the exchange Up to the sending institution
Is housing assistance available? How do students apply, and is it guaranteed? Yes; contact International Students Office, limited number of places
Housing options Student's Dormitory - double/triple rooms
Housing Website and Contact Person(s)
Contact person: Krzysztof Byrski
phone: +48-12-663 1546
Fax: +48-12-663 1545
Do students apply for housing with their regular application or is it separate? Regular application, deadline the same as for application
Is housing available between breaks in the term? Yes
Is there a campus meal plan? No
Total cost estimates per month in Euros
(broken down below)
400-500 euros
private ~200-250, student's dormitory ~85 euro
-Meals 150-200 euro
-Books 50 euro
-Local Transportation 20 euro
-Health Insurance 25 euro
Is comparable health insurance coverage from abroad allowed/not allowed? Yes
Are health facilities available at the university? No
Are internships available? No
Are student jobs available/allowed? No
Last update of this information December 6, 2013