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Full name of University


Number of MAUI/AEN students you can accept during 2014/15.

2 students (per academic year)

Contact person for incoming students

Marlene Debono
International & EU Office
University of Malta, Msida, MSD2080 Malta. Europe
Tel: 00356—23402370, Fax:  0035621316941

Contact person for outgoing students

Marlene Debono
International & EU Office
University of Malta, Msida, MSD2080 Malta. Europe
Tel: 00356—23402370, Fax:  0035621316941

General University Website                                    

International Office/Website for Incoming Students

Areas of study open to undergraduate exchange students

Visit here, bottom of page:

Open undergraduate areas of study taught in English

Same as above
All classes at the University of Malta
are taught in English except those pertaining to specific areas of studies
which require an international language.

Are graduate areas open for exchange?


Areas of study open to graduate exchange students


Open graduate areas of study taught in English


Can advanced undergraduate exchange students take graduate level courses?


Can graduate students take undergraduate level courses?


Areas of study restricted to prior bilateral agreements between exchange departments or faculties

Medicine, Gerontology, Health Care, Science

Areas of study not available to MAUI/AEN students

Medicine, Gerontology, Health Care, Science

Websites for course offerings

Are summer courses available as exchange (non fee-paying)?


Orientation session(s) for incoming students

To be announced

Academic Calendar

1st October 2014-30th June 2015

Examination period(s)

Semester 1 Exams: 15th January 2015-31st January 2015
Semester 2 Exams: 30th May 2015-30th June 2015

If there is a break between the academic course calendar and exams, can arrangements be made so the student may take exams early?


Application deadline for each term

Intake October 2014:     Deadline 1st June 2014
Intake February 2015:   Deadline 1st November 2014

Application website.
Paper only

How does the application and admissions process differ for undergraduates versus graduates?

Application is for undergraduate visiting students only

Course registration deadline

Online registration for classes takes place when students are in Malta. Information on this will be given on orientation day.

Do students register for classes in advance or upon arrival?

Upon Arrival

Are prior arrangements needed to secure a visa before arrival in country?

No *
This depends on students’ nationality.  Students are advised to check and confirm procedures with the respective embassy prior to departure, visit:

Language Requirements


Very good knowledge of the English language (writing skills, conversation skills and listening skills)
Visit :

Language test certificate required?

For non-native speakers of English

On submission with the application.

Preparatory language course for incoming students?


Are there any special advising or registrations concerns that students should be aware of? Are services available to assist in registration or course selection?

All information on class registration will be given on orientation day.  Students are advised to be flexible with course selection, and to have extra classes in mind just in case.  Students are advised to consult their academic advisors well in advance of their departure, in connection with study-units/classes they would be advised to register for and in connection with number of ECTS they would need to register for.  On Orientation day students will be explained the online registration procedure.

Required minimum and maximum number of credits available through the exchange

Minimum 8 ECTS per semester
Maximum 30 ECTS per semester

Is housing assistance available? How do students apply, and is it guaranteed?


University of Malta students normally stay at the University Residence, their website is:, email:

Housing options

University of Malta students normally stay at the University Residence.

Housing Website and Contact Person(s),

Do students apply for housing with their regular application or is it separate?

Housing is separate to the application.
For Housing application deadline visit:,
 or email:

Is housing available between breaks in the term?


Is there a campus meal plan?


Total cost estimates per month in Euro
(broken down below)








-Local Transportation


-Health Insurance

This needs to be taken out from the student’s home country

(please indicate and specify any mandatory additional fees)


Is comparable health insurance coverage from abroad allowed/not allowed?


It is the student’s responsibility to get insurance from his/her home country prior to departing to come to Malta, which covers him/her for the duration of stay.

Are health facilities available at the university?

Counselling Unit, University of Malta. 
The General Public Hospital (Mater Dei) is within five minutes walking distance from the University of Malta (Mater Dei website -

Are internships available?


Are student jobs available/allowed?

The University of Malta does not provide jobs for visiting students.  Students may check for information out of their own initiative, and ensure they abide by the necessary procedures, if they wish to work in Malta, visit:

Other important notes

Prior to arrival in Malta, all international students, including those from EU member states, must obtain and maintain insurance coverage for health, medical evacuation and repatriation during the period of enrolment at the University of Malta.  Evidence of adequate coverage is required as a condition of registration and continued enrolment.   EU students are requested to be covered by a Travel Insurance that covers items not covered by the European Health Insurance Card.  (

Non-EU citizens are required to undertake medical health tests within 15 days of their arrival in Malta. During the Orientation Programme students will be provided with information on where these tests may be carried out. The cost for the tests is approxmiately €30.

Non-EU students need  to apply for  the Residence Permit during the first month in Malta, at the cost  of €25. 

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