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Full name of University

Univerity of lceland

Fact Sheet

Number ot MAUI/AEN
students you can accept
during 2014/15.
8 semesters
Contact person for
incoming students
Anita Hannesd6ttir intern.coord.
H6sk6latorg, Samundargotu 4
101 Reykjavik, lceland
ohone: +354 5254469 e-mail:
Contact person for
outgoing students
Anita Hannesd6ttir intern.coord.
H6sk6latorg, Semundargdtu 4
101 Reykjavik, lceland
phone: +354 5254469 e-mail:
General University

Office/websit6 for
lncoming Students
Areas of study open to
undergraduate exchange

Depending upon acceptance of
Open undergraduate
areas of study taught in
Are graduate areas open
for exchange?
Areas of study open to
graduate exchange
Open graduate areas of
study taught in English
Application deadline(s) for admission

Fall semester and a full academic year: 1 March (EU/EEA citizens: 1 May)
Spring semester: 1 August (EU/EEA citizens: 1 October)

Can advanced
undergraduate exchange
students take graduate
level courses?
Yes; Dependent upon the
acceptance of faculty
Can graduate students
take undergraduate level

Yes; If faculty accepts

Areas of study restricted
to prior bilateral
agreements between
exchange departments or
All applications are dependent upon the
approval of faculty concerned. Medicine,
nursing, psychology taught in lcelandic
Areas of study not
available to MAUI/AEN
MBA programme is not open
Websites for course
offerings php?
Are summer courses
available as exchange
(non fee-paying)?


Orientation session(s) for
incoming students
Orientation meetings are in the beginning of the semester in early
September and early January. lt is highly recommended that students attend
these events
Academic Calendar Academic year is divided into two semesters, fall and spring, each semseter
lasting thirteen weeks. The academic calender varies somewhat from one
faculty to another. See
Examination period(s)
lf there is a break between
the academic course
calendar and exams, can
arrangements be made so
the student may take
exams early?
No; Normally there is not a break between courses and exams
Application deadline for
each term
  • For autumn semester March 1.
    For spring semester August 1.
Application website see enclosed website for application procedures
How does the application
and admissions process
differ for undergraduates versus graduates?
The same for both
Course registration

Students apply for courses. lf accepted they will automatically be registered into them.

lf they have to change registration see website:
https://ugla. hi. is/kennsluskra/index. php?tab=skoli&chapter=content&id=264 10&kennsluar=201 3

Do students register for
classes in advance or
upon arrival?
In advance; Student select courses when they apply and if the selections are
accepted they will automatically be registered. lf they need to change registration, that has to be done before mid September or mid January.
Are prior arrangements
needed to secure a visa
before arrival in country?
Language Requirements

Equivalent to TOEFL 79 minimum

Language test certificate

Students with English as their first language are not required to proof their

Preparatory language
course for incoming


Are there any special
advising or registrations
concerns that students
should be aware of? Are
services available to
assist in registration or
course selection?

Students can turn to International Office for assistance, but gengeral
restrictions apply. Only apply for courses taught in English, and at the
appropriate level. further prerequisities are indicated in our online course
catalogue found at:

Required minimum and
maximum number of
credits available through
the exchange

Full time studies are 30 ECTS oer

ls housing assistance
available? How do
students apply, and is it


Housing options

Students dorms (few places), guest houses, shared flats, private rooms, see

Housing Website and
Contact Person(s)
lnternational Office staff are contact oersons

Do students apply for
housing with their regular
application or is it

The International Office accepts exchange students in finding housing for the academic
year/semester (1 september-10 may). students will be given access to a database with available
accommodation. students can therefore choose the accommodation they prefer from a list and
contact the chosen landlord directly. All accepted students will gel access to this website at the
same date.

ls housing available
between breaks in the

It depends on the contract with the landlord

ls there a campus meal


Total cost estimates per
month in Euro

(broken down below)

163,635 lcelandic krona or about 1011 Euro


50,000-75,000 for a single room (315-445 euro)


Meals in university cafeteria 800+ (5+ euro)



-Local Transportation

Bus card 3 months: 21,OOO or 130 euro; 9 months: 49,900 or 308 euro; 1 year student card 42,5oo or 262 euro

-Health Insurance

About 15,000 or 93 euro

ls comparable health
insurance coverage from
abroad allowed/not

Allowed but needs to be on a government list ofapproved insurance. No insurance
company in America is on that list.

Are health facilities
available at the

No health facilities are run bv oovernment and local authorities

Are internships available?


Are student jobs
Not recommended
Other important notes
Last update of this information December 2013