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Full name of University



Number of MAUI/AEN
students you can accept
during 2015/16.
Indicate total number of semesters

14 semesters

Contact person for
incoming students
name, title, full address, phone,
fax, email

Nathalie Hennebelle
Mobility outside Europe coordinator
Patio, Building 5, 22 rue Descartes
67084 Strasbourg, France
+33 368 85 60 16

Contact person for
outgoing students
name, title, full address, phone,
fax, email

Nathalie Hennebelle
Mobility outside Europe coordinator
Patio, Building 5, 22 rue Descartes
67084 Strasbourg, France
+33 368 85 60 16

General University

Office/Website for
Incoming Students

Areas of study open to
undergraduate exchange
list explicitly

Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculté of Foreign Cultures and Languages
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management (
Institute of Higher European Studies (IHEE)
School and Observatory for Earth Sciences (EOST)
Faculty of Languages and Applied Human Sciences (LSHA)
Faculty of Education Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Economics and Management (except M2 “Management de Projets internationaux” – admission in other M2 may be restricted)
Faculty of Physics and Engineering
Centre for international intellectual property studies (CEIPI)
University Centre for Journalism (CUEJ)
EM Strasbourg Business School
European Engineering School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM)
Superior School of Biotechnology (ESBS)
Haguenau University Institute of Technology
Robert Schuman University Institute of Technology
Louis Pasteur University Institute of Technology
Télécom Physique Strasbourg (TPS)
Faculty of Dental Medicine
Faculty of Geography and Development
Faculty of Protestant Theology
Faculty of Catholic Theology
Faculty of Litterature
Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Sport Sciences (STAPS)
Faculty of Historical Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy
Institute of Political Studies (IEP)
General Administration Preparatory Institute (IPAG)

Open undergraduate
areas of study taught in
list explicitly

Are graduate areas open
for exchange?


Areas of study open to
graduate exchange
list explicitly

same as for undergraduate

(Attention : PhD students are excluded)

Open graduate areas of
study taught in English
list explicitly

Can advanced
undergraduate exchange
students take graduate
level courses?


Can graduate students
take undergraduate level


Areas of study restricted
to prior bilateral
agreements between
exchange departments or


Areas of study not
available to MAUI/AEN


1. French for Foreigners (IIEF)
2. Labor Institute (IDT)
3. Faculty of Philosophy
4. Faculty of Medicine

Websites for course
both in host language & English

Are summer courses
available as exchange
(non fee-paying)?
If so, please provide summer
school website.


Orientation session(s) for
incoming students
Is it mandatory, indicate dates and

A welcome and orientation day takes place at the beginning of each semester. It is free of charge and recommended but not compulsory.

Academic Calendar
Please list exact dates.

1st Semester/ Term: 07/09/2015 – 10/01/2016
2nd Semester/ Term: 11/01/2016 – 30/06/2016

Examination period(s)

Depending on each faculty

If there is a break between
the academic course
calendar and exams, can
arrangements be made so
the student may take
exams early?
(i.e. semester ends in December
and exams are late January).


Application deadline for
each term

1st Semester/ Term or full academic year : May 11th 2015

2nd Semester/ Term : October 1st 2015

Application website.
If paper only, please write “paper

Online application available upon nomination by email in February 2015 for the academic year 2015-2016

How does the application
and admissions process
differ for undergraduates
versus graduates?

no difference

Course registration

two weeks after the beginning of the semester maximim

Do students register for
classes in advance or
upon arrival?

Upon Arrival

Are prior arrangements
needed to secure a visa
before arrival in country?


Language Requirements

French B1 level required, B2 level highly recommended

Language test certificate
If so, which and when: before
admission or upon arrival?

DELF-DALF, TCF, TEF degree (together with the application documents)

Preparatory language
course for incoming
Indicate dates and costs


Are there any special
advising or registrations
concerns that students
should be aware of? Are
services available to
assist in registration or
course selection?

Students will be assisted by the international office and the pedagogical coordinator for international relations in the faculty for registration.

Required minimum and
maximum number of
credits available through
the exchange
For both undergraduate &

up to 30 ECTS per semester or 60 ECTS per academic year

Is housing assistance
available? How do
students apply, and is it


Housing options

Student accommodation is proposed: different types of rooms at different prices.

Housing Website and
Contact Person(s)

Séverine Censi / Coralie Schirru
Housing coordinator
Tel: +33 (0)3 68 85 60 02
Email:  /

Do students apply for
housing with their regular
application or is it
Please list housing application

Housing application form for student residences will be available together with the online application form and due to the same deadline as the application.


Is housing available
between breaks in the


Is there a campus meal


Total cost estimates per
month in Euro
(broken down below)



Between 163 € and 446 € per month for the academic year 2014-2015


3,10 € for one meal at the student restaurant


About 40 € per month, student discounts possible

-Local Transportation


-Health Insurance

211€ per year for the academic year 2013-2014

(please indicate and specify any
mandatory additional fees)


Is comparable health
insurance coverage from
abroad allowed/not
If not, please include fees in “other”
field above.


Are health facilities
available at the

Are internships available?


Are student jobs


Other important notes

both internships and jobs depend on the type of visa. Facebook page :  

Last updated

November 24th 2014