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Universität Basel

The University of Basel is fully committed to the principle of research-based teaching. They provide a broad, skills-oriented range of degree programs closely aligned with international standards. Students at Basel benefit from expert professional advice before and during their programs.

The city of Basel is home to the oldest university in Switzerland. Founded upon the initiative of local citizens in 1460, the University of Basel is a modern and attractive center of teaching, learning, and research situated in the heart of the historic old town. Our mission is to accomplish first-class research, teaching, and public service. We rank among the world’s one hundred best universities and boast a top-ten place among German-speaking universities.

One of Switzerland's underrated tourist destinations, Basel has a beautiful medieval old town center, a Carnival that ranks with those of Venice and Rio de Janeiro, and several world class art museums built by architects like Renzo Piano, Mario Botta, and Herzog & De Meuron. Basel is also rich in architecture old and new, with a Romaneque Münster (cathedral), a Renaissance Rathaus (town hall), and various examples of high quality contemporary architecture, including more buildings by Herzog & De Meuron, Richard Meier, Diener & Diener, and various others. Located in the Dreiländereck (three countries' corner), Basel is a gateway to the Swiss Jura mountains and nearby cities of Zürich and Lucerne, as well as the neighboring French region of Alsace and the German Black Forest.

Number of MAUI/AEN students you can accept during 2014/15.


Contact person for incoming students

Andrea Delpho
Mobility Office
Petersplatz 1
CH-4003 Basel
+41 61 2673028

Contact person for outgoing students

Andrea Delpho
Mobility Office
Petersplatz 1
CH-4003 Basel
+41 61 2673028

General University Website

International Office/Website for Incoming Students

Areas of study open to undergraduate exchange students

All subjects except the restricted areas:
Humanities, Sciences, Psychology, Theology, Business and Economics, Law

Open undergraduate areas of study taught in English



Are graduate areas open for exchange?


Areas of study open to graduate exchange students

All except specialized Master programs (like epidemiology, molecular biology, sustainable development, toxicology etc.), MAS courses and master courses at the Faculty of Medicine are also restricted

Open graduate areas of study taught in English

Sciences, African Studies, Business and Economics, Humanities (Sociology, Anthropology, English)

Can advanced undergraduate exchange students take graduate level courses?


Can graduate students take undergraduate level courses?


Areas of study restricted to prior bilateral agreements between exchange departments or faculties

Medicine, Nursing Science, Sports Science, Biology, specialized Master programs (like epidemiology, molecular biology, sustainable development, toxicology etc.)

Areas of study not available to MAUI/AEN students

Postgraduate MAS courses

Websites for course offerings >Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Are summer courses available as exchange (non fee-paying)?


Orientation session(s) for incoming students

Individually at the Mobility Office

Academic Calendar


Examination period(s)

Depends on the subject area and the faculties

If there is a break between the academic course calendar and exams, can arrangements be made so the student may take exams early?

Has to be arranged individually beforehand if possible at all.

Application deadline for each term

Fall term: 30.04.2014
Spring term: 30.11.2014

Application website.

Email attachment only.

How does the application and admissions process differ for undergraduates versus graduates?

No difference

Course registration deadline

Four weeks into the lecture period

Do students register for classes in advance or upon arrival?

In Advance or Upon Arrival

Are prior arrangements needed to secure a visa before arrival in country?


Language Requirements

We recommend at least a level of B2 in the language of instruction.

Language test certificate required?


Preparatory language course for incoming students?

Yes, costs depend on the course lay out, we reimburse each exchange student for one German language course.

Are there any special advising or registrations concerns that students should be aware of? Are services available to assist in registration or course selection?

Exchange coordinators and faculty coordinators can assist students with course registration.

Required minimum and maximum number of credits available through the exchange

No credit minimum. It is quite difficult for exchange student to receive more than 18-20 credits per term.

Is housing assistance available? How do students apply, and is it guaranteed?

Yes. No guarantee.

Housing options

Housing Website and Contact Person(s)

Do students apply for housing with their regular application or is it separate?

Separate, online

Is housing available between breaks in the term?


Is there a campus meal plan?

No, but lunch and snacks available at the University cafeteria.

Total cost estimates per month in Euro
(broken down below)








-Local Transportation


-Health Insurance


(please indicate and specify any mandatory additional fees)


Is comparable health insurance coverage from abroad allowed/not allowed?


Are health facilities available at the university?

No, but the University Hospital is just next door.

Are internships available?


Are student jobs available/allowed?


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