MAUI - Mid-America Universities International

The university partners who are members of MAUI work together to actively promote overseas educational opportunities for students and international teaching, consultation and research opportunities for faculty.

The membership of the MAUI International Council consists primarily of the chief international education administrators of the Big XII Conference and affiliated universities. The MAUI-UTRECHT NETWORK Exchange Program enables students from member universities to study at one of the other member institutions for a semester or academic year. Each student pays tuition to his or her home university within the MAUI consortium and takes regular classes at the partner institution within the Utrecht Network.


    MAUI Annual Fall Meeting: October 23rd & 24th at the University of Missouri Saint Louis


Why study in the mid-West?

Why not? The American Midwest is the symbolic and cultural heart of the United States. The region has defined American history, as it has long combined diverse cultures--from traditional family farm communities to the cosmopolitan neighborhoods of its major cities--in a safe and welcoming environment. Midwesterners have long set the agenda for national politics, the standard for high-quality education, and even the tone for the American English accent--all with their renowned friendliness, honesty, and industry. Thousands of students have chosen to study in the Midwest in order to discover the spirit of America for themselves, and all have returned with timeless stories, memorable experiences, and lifelong friends. What will you discover when you find your new home in the Midwest?"


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